Commentary Notes

The Dake Annotated Reference Bible has more commentary notes (approximately 35,000 total) than any other study Bible on the market today. As always,
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Dake's commentary follows his principle of interpretation: take the Bible literally where at all possible. When the text is obviously figurative, then look for the literal meaning conveyed by it.
In the broadest sense, every note in the Dake Bible is a commentary note. These notes contain Dake's comments. Here, though, we have identified different types of commentary, such as Chain Reference Studies, Biblical Context Studies, Word Studies, Theological Studies, Prophetic Studies and Dispensational Studies.
In addition to these specific categories of commentary, the Dake Bible is filled with notes which expound on the text in some meaningful way. To illustrate the quality of Dake's commentary, we've created several pages which exemplify the type of excellent study material you can find throughout the Dake Bible.
Commentary Notes are just one of the many reasons why we think you'll agree that the Dake Bible is the ultimate study Bible!

Chain Reference Studies
Biblical Context Studies
Word Studies
Theological Studies
Prophetic Studies