Foreword by Marilyn Hickey

"Another Time...Another Place...Another Man is dynamite and an answer for many people who are questioning these very issues. The answers that are presented are certainly scriptural and powerful.

All of my Christian life it seems like I have been involved in teaching some kind of home Bible studies. At the present time, our church is reaching out into our community with a lot of home Bible studies. Once a year I usually go to one of them and just do a question and answer time. I am astounded at the response and the questions of the people. They go right along with Another Time...Another Place...Another Man. How wonderful to have a book that you can put into their hands with Bible answers. These are intellectual people, they are people many times that are hungry, that have only been taught a cynical doctrine. It is good to have the truth to place before them, good for people to partake of life rather than death.

I thank God for this wonderful book.